RMS Acoustics and Linea Research for Lighthouse Christian Center 

Puyallup, WA USA – August 2019… Puyallup Washington’s Lighthouse Christian Center sits in the beautiful Puget Sound region at the foot of Mount Rainier. Over the last two years this growing church has undertaken a major development and renovation project including the addition of a new building with gymnasium, classrooms, a coffee shop and additional youth facilities. Their main sanctuary has also received a significant upgrade in the form of a new sound system, designed by local loudspeaker manufacturer RMS-Acoustics, and installed by VIP Production Northwest.

“As a fellow resident of Puyallup, I’ve long been involved with Lighthouse Christian Center. Their Worship Pastor John Carlsen initially approached me to discuss the refurbishment of their old system and his desire for true stereo everywhere, with warm, tight, low end and the same worship experience in all seats” explains Ryan McCauley, President of RMS-Acoustics. “Through a series of conversations assessing their needs, wants, and real limitations of their existing sound system, it became apparent in this case that an entirely new sound system topology was needed to achieve their goals.”

To fulfill the new sound system requirements for Lighthouse McCauley designed  a system based around his LA28i line array. “Their style of worship and the quality of their praise band demanded a high-performance system, however the buildings wood framed structure placed a unique and complex loading requirement leaving us with a maximum load rating of only 2000 lbs. Our LA28i linear array employs the latest loudspeaker technology combining some of the best components available in the market in an optimized, lightweight enclosure enabling us to cover the room in stereo, seamlessly. With 4 symmetrical 7 enclosure arrays throughout the space we came in under our weight budget at only 1920 lbs including cabling and rigging!”

The LA28i line array is the installation focused variant of RMS Acoustics double 8” based system coupled with a 1.4” compression driver, all with lightweight neodymium magnets and clean intuitive installation array hardware. Low frequency reinforcement is provided by RMS Acoustics M118i single 18” subwoofers configured as an end fired array. “When space, location, and budget align, this configuration provides the highest performance, and most uniform low-end response of the subwoofer array topologies,” explains McCauley, ” the result is simply stunning.”

Amplification is provided by Linea Research 44C20, 44C10 and 44C06 networked DSP amplifiers, all configured with dual redundant Dante™ connectivity. Dante™ primary, secondary, and amplifier control each run on separate physical switches for the utmost reliability. “I’ve long been a supporter of Linea Research”, McCauley comments, “and they’re the only amplifiers we use with our systems. It’s quite simply the best sounding amplifier in its class and has the ability to deliver sustained power when paired with our loudspeaker technology delivers an impactful performance.” With a range of 4 and 8 channel amplifiers ranging from 400W to 5000W per channel Linea Research’s install targeted C Series amplifiers offer 96kHz DSP, flexible analog, AES and Dante™ input options, renowned sound quality along with class leading power delivery and efficiency.

John Carlson of Lighthouse Christian Center concludes, “An expansion of this scale is an ambitious project and we’re simply thrilled with the result. Our congregation immediately noticed the improvement, it’s given a new energy and creativity to our services and worship experience.”