Compact, highly versatile enclosure
12" coaxial with 2.5" HF
70H x 50V degree directivity, optional 90x55 and 120x60
2-way biamp enclosure
LF extension with M115


The RMS-Acoustics C12 is a coaxial loudspeaker system designed to deliver output levels comparable to the highest output conventional premium 2-way systems, with superior pattern controldirectional consistency and a precise transient response that only a coaxial loudspeaker can provide. 

The C12 features an advanced high frequency waveguide that also acts as a phasing plug for the 12” cone loudspeaker. The horn is quite large for its size, yielding consistent pattern control and a low crossover point. The phasing plug improves the response of the cone loudspeaker minimizing the equalization and phase correction needed, thus aiding the transition between sources over the crossover band. 

The C12 features a 40° trapezoidal angle to allow close mountings to walls or ceilings, with little to no impact on sightlines. Its tailorable pattern control, easy mounting and array ability with RMS-Acoustics array brackets allow a simple, cost effective method to tailor a sound reinforcement solution to achieve the best possible acoustical results in almost any space. 

Optimized nonlinear venting improves the low frequency impedance compared to conventional enclosures, while maintaining better mechanical cone control when low frequency extension is required. The result is tight, punchy bass that also goes deep. 

The C12 enclosure is crafted from premium multi-ply birch with a finely textured polyurethane finish that is impact and UV resistant. A powder-coated, punched and laser cut steel grille protects the cabinet internal from the elements. Full weather protection and custom color finishes are also available. The weatherized option provides and IP54 rating.  

The optimum processed amplifier solutions for the RMS-Acoustics C12 are the Linea Research 44M10 series and 44C10 series amplifiers, with proprietary presets provided by RMS-Acoustics. All other Linea Research M series and C series amplifiers can also be used. 


Frequency Range (-10dB) ^1 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 63 Hz - 18 kHz
System Sensitivity (1w, 1m)^2 98dB Measured on LF band, average SPL over 300 to 1 kHz region. HF Sensitivity significantly higher
Maximum SPL Continuous (1m) 125dB
Maximum SPL Peak (1m) 131dB
Long Term Power Rating (IEC)^3 LF


250W, 500W, 1000W (Continuous, Pgm, Peak)

120W, 240W, 460W (Continuous, Pgm, Peak)

Long Term Power Rating (AES)^4 LF


600W (2400W Peak), 2 hrs, 400W 100Hr

100W (400W Peak), 2 hrs, 70W 100Hr

Nominal Coverage Pattern 70° Horizontal x 50° Vertical (Standard), 90° Horizontal x 55° Vertical (Standard), 120° Horizontal x 60° Vertical (Wide) -6dB Isophase
System Crossover 1200 Hz Proprietary FIR overlay




Passive / LF / HF

LF Driver - 12” Neodymium cone loudspeaker with 2.5” voice coil, shorting ring and high performance convective cooling technology

HF Driver Replacement - 1.4” exit Neodymium compression driver with 3” voice coil, shorting ring and advanced phase plug geometry

Impedance - 8 Ohm,  8 Ohm,   8 Ohm

Input Connectors Dual Neutrik NL4MP Connectors
Enclosure Materials 15 and 18mm Birch Hardwood Ply 1.3mm layers
Grille Materials Cold Rolled steel, Epoxy powder coat, Acoustically transparent black foam backing
Finishes Black finish (Standard) Polurethane textured spray
Additional Finishes available - See Options Below
Suspension and Mounting Proprietary internal, captive rigging
Dimensions 13.5” w x 22” d x 11.7” h  (343 mm x 559 mm x 298 mm)
Weight 45 Lbs (20.5 kg) Net
 Ordering Options C12,  -B (Biamplified, no crossover)
Finish Options -X (Weatherized), -W (White), -C (RAL Custom Color) Upcharge applies
Optional Accessories & Rigging Hardware C12-HU Horizontal U Bracket specific to C12
WM-M RMS-Acoustics wall mount medium with lateral orientation and vertical tilt
C12-AF Two box array frame for C12/C12XL
Free field, semi anechoic conditions.  To compare with half space measurements, add 6dB to maximum output specifications.
1. Full Space, 4pi conditions
2. Measured Maximum SPL, based on power compression observation of 3dB
3. IEC Shaped pink noise with 6dB Crest Factor
4. AES Standard AES2-2012, one decade pink noise with 6dB Crest factor within device’s applicable operating band, free air. Standard AES 2 hr rating are specific for low frequency transducers.



C12 Datasheet