Compact, variable curvature array system for permanent installation
10" LF with 1.4" HF, 132dB Max SPL
90H x 15V degree directivity, optional 70 and 120 degree horizontal dispersions
2-way passive enclosure, optional bi-amp
LF extension with VC115Si


The VC10-15 is a compact, high output, versatile sound reinforcement solution for permanent installations such as theaters, houses of worship, educational facilities, live music spaces, and sporting venues.

The VC10-15 is a curved aperture, linear source module, purposefully designed for permanent installations.  VC10-15 shares the identical sonic performance characteristics throughout the full range of the VC family, with simple, robust, and versatile integrated rigging, designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of dedicated permanent commercial installations.

Part of the Variable Curvature (VC) Series of products, VC10-15 is a medium throw product designed for audience application distances up to 35m. The multifunctional family of sound reinforcement modules includes VC10-15, VC10-15 NARROW, VC10-15 WIDE, VC10-30, VC10-30-WIDE, and VC115Si subwoofer. VC10 models are passive loudspeaker systems, each with distinct horizontal and vertical coverage patterns. All VC10 products can be combined to form uniquely tailored vertical or horizontal line sources or deployed individually as point sources.

Arrays of VC10 modules can adapt to virtually any audience geometry through the employ of two vertical enclosure coverage patterns (15° or 30°), and three horizontal coverage patterns (70°, 90° or 120°), and a range of accessories for vertical or horizontal array deployment.

The VC10-15 features variable horizontal coverage between standard (90°), NARROW (70°), and WIDE (120°). This flexibility allows designers and integrators to adapt both the horizontal and vertical directivity of the overall linear source system uniquely to the audience geometry. This ensures exceptional frequency response consistency throughout the entire coverage envelope.

Combinations of VC10 models are designed to be flown together, forming a continuously curved vertical line source. VC10-15 is well suited for a wide variety of applications, from PA mains, to fill loudspeakers, to delay rings.

The low frequency of the VC10 family is reinforced with the addition of the VC115Si subwoofer. This high impact, high output subwoofer is the ideal match for reinforcing the low end of VC systems and extends the system bandwidth down to 38Hz.

The optimum processed loudspeaker solution for the RMS-Acoustics VC Family are Linea Research C and M series amplifiers, with proprietary presets provided by RMS-Acoustics.