Compact, highly versatile enclosure
Incredible fidelity, Impressive output for size
70 X 50 degree confocal elliptic rotatable pattern
2-way Biamplified enclosure
Curved laminar vents for maximum LF extension
LF extension with M118 or M218




Frequency Range (-10dB): 45Hz – 20kHz, Assumed 100Hz low pass filter 0dB point taken at 60Hz, Unprocessed
Frequency Response (±3dB): 60Hz – 18kHz, Assumed 100Hz low pass filter 0dB taken at 60Hz, Unprocessed
Electrical Input Connectivity: Dual Neutrik NL4MP connectors, 2 additional NL4MPR Connectors, one on each side
Transducer Power Rating (AES) LF     900W, 1600W, 3200W ( Continuous, Program, Peak)
HF    220W, 400W, 800W (Continuous, Program, Peak)
Long Term Power Rating (IEC) LF    1200W (4500W Peak), 2 hrs, 900W 100Hr
HF    130W (500W Peak), 2 hrs 90W 100Hr
Maximum SPL (1m) 129 dB Continuous, 135dB Peak
Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1W, 1m) 98dB
Nominal Impedance: LF 8 Ohm
HF 8 Ohm
Low Frequency Driver 15in Neodymium cone loudspeaker with 4″ voice coil, shorting ring and high performance convective cooling technology
High Frequency Diaphragm 1.4″ exit Neodymium compression driver diaphragm with 4in voice coil
Enclosure Construction 15 and 18mm Birch Hardwood plywood 1.3mm layers
Suspension Attachment Proprietary internal, captive rigging
12 3/8-16 threaded eye bolts
Finish Black Polyurea/ Urethane with aliphatic UV inhibitor
Grill Details Cold Rolled steel, Epoxy powder coat, Acoustically transparent black foam backing
Dimensions W X D X H: 24.4″ X 15.5″ X 11.7″, 620mm X 394mm X 297mm
Net Weight 70lbs, 31.8kg
Ordering Options M15X, M15Xi (Installation), M15XX (Weatherized), M15XiX (Installation Weatherized)
Color Ordering Options M15X-W (White),  M15X-C (Custom Color)


M15X-HU Horizontal U Bracket for permanent installation
VCRF-EX VCRF1 Extension arm, facilitates high uptilt, downtilt, wide spaced rigging points
VC-UMOUNT Ceiling Umount for VC Cabs, hang up to 3 VCxx or VCxxWIDE


M15X Datasheet